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Hi, I'm Helen, I'm in my mid 50s, married with a grown up family and a much loved little grandson! A few years ago I had the opportunity to change career and do something I'm really passionate about - helping other women to change their lives through improved health and fitness. I qualified as a personal trainer and more recently have qualified as a Nordic Walking instructor.


Getting fit doesn’t mean you have to slave away in an impersonal gym for hours on end. Gyms have their place and they do appeal to lots of people but for me it’s more about being with a group of like-minded people, having fun and being outdoors – hence Girls Go Outdoors.

It’s a fact that exercising in the great outdoors is a great mood enhancer. It’s also there for everyone to enjoy – in our local area we have some of the prettiest countryside in this part of the UK – the Ridgeway, the Cotswolds or our local country parks - Lydiard Park and Coate Water in Swindon and Cirencester Park. You don't have to drive miles - it’s on our doorstep so why not get out there and enjoy it? 

Just a little bit about me - I  started running back in the 80's as a way of finding some 'me' time when my children were very young, I then got into off-road cycling and realised quite quickly that I enjoyed that down hill adrenelin rush - what I didn't enjoy so much were the injuries I got when I fell off ( all quite minor, thankfully ). So I decided to try road cycling and found I got an adrenelin rush from this too, due to the speed you can get up to on two very thin wheels - I was hooked. So I could run and bike but there was something missing. If only I could swim I could do a triathlon and then I could do an Ironman triathlon! So that's what I did - I learnt to swim, from scratch and as a result completed my first Ironman triathlon in the UK in my 50th year! I then went on to do Ironman New Zealand the following year. What I'm trying to say is that, within reason, anything is possible. If you set yourself a realistic goal and have a good training plan you can achieve your dreams. These dreams don't need to be completing an Ironman - but they could be your 'ironman', whatever that may be.

Why not let me help you realise these dreams?


Founder of Girls Go Outdoors

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